FULL SET from Shell’s Birthday Show at Silent Barn last week!  We love you Shellhead, HAPPY BIRTHDAY & thank you to Silent Barn for having us all these years! 

What attracted me to punk rock when it first exploded was that it was unpredictable and that no two bands had very much in common. Each band committed itself to a unique set of ideas, and it didn’t matter what other bands were doing or what the audience might expect. Screaming Females are that same kind of wide-open punk rock, from before it condensed into a style and every band had to be taken on its own terms. They are a great band and I hope they keep going forever.
Steve Albini (via something-ugly)


Joe, †enemen†, mixing our live record at Electrical Audio.

Photos by Joe

Garbage & Screaming Females - Because The Night (Official Video) (par garbage)

Record store day release.

Garbage with Marissa Paternoster - “Because the night” HD @ Terminal 5, NYC 3-22-13 

En attendant la sortie du 25 cm de Garbage pour le Disquaire Day comprenant leur reprise de Patti Smith avec Screaming Females au grand complet (inaugurée lors de la tournée commune des deux groupes à l’automne dernier), Marissa Paternoster s’est encore jointe hier soir au groupe de Shirley Manson. N.B. pour les néophytes : son solo échevelé classic rock n’est pas vraiment représentatif de son style habituel, moins… traditionnel.

Yep, Marissa Paternoster joined Garbage yet another time last night for a cover of the Patti Smith standard. The joint Garbage/Screaming Females studio version will be released as the leading track of Shirley Manson’s band’s special 10” record Store Day release.